Hi All!  My name is Julie Simon and I had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth this summer when I took her course Learning Through the Arts. Since 1997, I have been teaching in an integrated preschool program in a public school.  During that time, I spent two years moving and grooving with toddlers through kindergarteners when I had the special assignment of teaching an enrichment class.  It was an exciting time for me, because I had the opportunity to share my passion for yoga with my students.  Many years ago, I took an 8-year hiatus from teaching in the public schools.  During that time I worked in the non-profit arena with school age girls in an after-school and summer program.  I feel fortunate to be able to incorporate the arts into many of my daily activities with my students.  However, learning with Elizabeth helped me to set a goal of being more purposeful, intentional and thoughtful in my planning of lessons.  I also came to understand the value in taking time to create on my own…to enjoy the process and the feelings it evokes.  I am pleased to be a part of this very powerful community of artists and inspired educators!

The Creative Process Series
The 5 Ps of the Creative Process