Trust the Process – From Mourning to Light

Tweet I was first introduced to this phrase when I was getting my masters in Arts and Learning from Endicott College.  My inspiring professor, Stephanie Grenadier, put these words (from Shaun McNiff’s book) into motion for me.  She showed me what they meant by allowing me to follow my own creative process through my classes […]

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The Design Process

Tweet In this post, Judy Lee, an art teacher at the Seacoast Charter School in Kingston, NH, talks about the design process.  She shared this with teachers at the Teacher Art Retreat, so we were able to discuss these steps as we progressed through them.  This is another great way to look at the creative […]

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Imitation – It's Part of the Process

Tweet When you think of the creative process – a learning process – you may think that the person involved needs to be inspired by something and that they are constantly coming up with creative original material.  But that is not always the case, nor should it be.  In fact, I am a firm believer […]

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You Just Can't Skip the Process

Tweet A windy road, A straight shot. Hills and valleys, Easy peasy… Regardless of how we get there – it’s a process! Have you ever been in a situation where you knew where you wanted to go, you just had to get there?  Maybe you needed to complete a task and there were a dozen […]

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The Creative Process and Revision

Tweet Kristina Peterson is back to share her insights about writing, specifically revision – an important part of the writing process, a creative process.  To read more from Kristina, visit her author page, by clicking her name.  ~EMP I had the distinct pleasure of taking a writing class this past summer with Tom Romano during […]

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To Our Subscribers

Tweet Our dear subscribers – those who have opted to get our posts delivered to their email each time new material is posted: I need to explain what has happened over the last few weeks.   As we made headway in switching hosting services, something happened to our Feedburner account.  I’m still not quite sure […]

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The Creative Process for Teachers

Tweet If there’s  one thing that’s overlooked in education, it’s professional development where teachers are able to feed their own fires.  Sound corny?  Ya, a little bit, but it’s true!  If you want to know why I said it that way, read this post where I first started talking about feeding our flames.  But basically, […]

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The Artistic Process to Me; to my Students

Tweet Julie Simon, a pre-school teacher and participant in my Arts Int grad course this summer wrote this beautiful  reflection on the artistic process and what it means to her as a person and a teacher.  She has graciously allowed me to share it with you here.  Enjoy! ~EMP What is the artistic process and […]

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Studio Day and the Creative Process

Tweet Last Friday I started implementing Studio Days into my classroom. These are days where students are able to work on one project from start to finish uninterrupted. The days always begin with an introduction to the project and end with reflection time. In the middle is an extended amount of studio time where students […]

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