Well the Teacher Art Retreat is underway and we are having a great time!  So far, we have moved, breathed, eaten, glued, designed, shared, talked, played, acted, painted, laughed, questioned, and reflected.  (I’m sure I’m missing a few verbs…)  Our hinged box books are built and tomorrow we will work on the content of the boxes.  Some are taking a personal approach, while others are looking at how they can incorporate school or other interests.  During our drama workshop, oh, boy did we laugh as we learned about and practiced cold reads for pubic speaking.  And then there were the other fun theatre games: “This is a Duck” and “Bus Stop” were among the favorites.

Here are some pictures from today.  More will be coming as the retreat progresses!  The LINK to FLICKR for the pics.

Oh, and this will be the first annual, so you know what that means – you can join us next time!  😉


A PD Retreat
Teacher Retreat 2011- A Success!