My brain is in such summer mode these last few days. This post won’t tell you much: probably no great insights, no awesome ideas, nothing really, just me being a teacher at the beginning of summer. I feel a little aimless, yet there are so many things I could be doing  (like, say a provocative post from all my awesome experiences at ISTE…) But nope!

I’ve even started to cut down on how many posts I’ll write through the summer. I was staying strong at 3 a week, often having to restrain myself from doing more. Now, my goal is two on Tuesdays and Fridays. (See how I’ve already missed Fri this week?)

What is it about the first week of summer? It’s a relief and a let down all in one. We go from super busy, to time on our hands (even with two little kids at home.) Now my main concern is making sure my four and five year olds aren’t bored and that my house is clean (well, clean enough.)

Don’t get me wrong. I will have a lot to say since I have a lot going on this summer: ISTE reflections, arts integration grad course, Teacher Art Retreat, Summer Book Group, other professional reading, etc, but not this week!

For now – I encourage you (and myself) to enjoy the long week end, have a fantastically fun Fourth of July, and enjoy your families and friends!


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