I hear this a lot and have often found myself saying it as well. But after years of dabbling in this and that, I’ve stopped. After trying things out, failing and still enjoying myself, I’ve stopped. All it took was the right people allowing me to explore my own creative side, teaching me a few skills and techniques and then letting me take my own reigns. It worked. I am an artist.

I am creative and sometimes fearless when it comes to creating certain things. I’m not afraid of failure, because I’ve learned that often the best outcome comes from a mistake. I am an artist.

I can write poetry and tell a story.  I can act and play a mean drum. I can paint and mix colors, and oh, baby, I can dance. This is not to say people want to hear my poems or stories, pay to see me perform or jam with me, collect my paintings or tip me while dancing (although some have tried ~wink~), I’m just saying I love to create.  I’ve freed myself of this idea that “I am not an artist.”  I am an artist.

Think of what would happen if we allowed our students to limit themselves in being what they thought they could be.  “…but I cannot read…but I am not a writer…but I cannot…”  So why would we allow that for ourselves?  We need to crystallize and not paralyze our students and ourselves!

I’m setting out to help other teachers realize their inner artists, not by perfecting their skills, but by liberating their potential.  I believe that if we are able to see the artist within ourselves then we are better able to see it in our students.  By becoming this type of artist, we can understand our own way of thinking and appreciate others’ perspectives.

And it’s not just about art, it’s about learning.  Art is learning.  The creative process is the learning process.

By many standards, I am not an artist, and yet I am…and you are too!

In what ways are you an artist?


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