I am SO looking forward to today!!!  I love it when our wonderful PTA provides us with a Teacher Appreciation lunch.  It is truly lovely, relaxing and, well, leaves me very full of great food!  (I remember blogging about this luncheon last year! ;-p)  But to top it off, they cover our duties so that we can actually have close to an HOUR of time with our colleagues!  That makes me happy.  (Remember, Happy Teachers make Happy Kids!)  Thank you PTA!

So, it is that time again: Time to appreciate teachers who have touched our lives.  Last year, I started a Google Document that allowed people to share the names and stories of a teacher who inspired them.  Today and all this month I will be asking you to add to it.  Let’s see just how many teachers we can honor in this way.

Here is the link.  Please share it!  In Appreciation of Teachers

Enjoy your day!