Just yesterday, my 4th grade team got together to discuss the end of the year events and found ourselves overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done.

Now here is the irony – we have steadily complained about the late end to the school year (June 27), often joking about how we will have so much time to do things.  And now, we are in this crazy mad dash to the end, trying to get it all done!

There are assessments to give (now that the state MCAS tests are done), projects to complete, writing assignments to assign, units of study still to teach in science AND social studies, assemblies to attend and assemblies to put on, field day and field trips, middle school visits and, the fourth grade favorite – the fourth grade celebration to prepare for, practice and perform!  And of course, we have to have some sort of normalcy when it comes to math and literacy instruction… right?

Why does this seem to happen EVERY year?  No, really – why?  Is the school year not long enough?  Or are we expected to do too much?  Please don’t tell me that we should omit some of the involved end-of-the-year activities like performances and projects – those are too important.

So, how does it all get done?  Or does it?  Well, let’s face it – the end of year certainly comes and somehow we manage to get through it.

This is not a post where I describe a situation and pose a solution, or even play Sally Sunshine or Inspirational Jane.  I’m simply curious to hear your experiences at handling the end of the year.  So please, let the conversation begin!