*NOTE: This course is no longer running.  However, if you would like to schedule this or similar professional development opportunities with us, please visit our Professional Development page!

Here’s an exciting opportunity for teachers of all grade levels and subject areas:  An Arts Integration graduate level course!  If you are in the Maine/Massachusetts/New Hampshire area this summer, you may want to invest some time into this!  Read on for details:

I am excited to announce that I will be conducting a graduate level course in ARTS INTEGRATION through the Northeast Consortium for Staff Development.  You can opt to take this course for 3 credits or not.  Either way you will learn so much as you work hands-on in various art forms including music, visual, drama, storytelling, poetry and movement.  We will explore all these art forms and look closely into the creative process as a learning process.

Participants will learn effective strategies for lesson planning and implementing the arts into their teaching.  We will discover how arts integration can transform your classroom’s culture and motivate your students while you simultaneously teach other content areas.  You will come away with a working portfolio of lesson plans and activities you can use immediately in your teaching!

Who should take a course in Arts Integration? ANY teacher (or administrator).  Arts integration is for all educators who know that students learn in a variety of ways and who want to provide lasting learning experiences for their students.  General ed teachers, special ed teachers, arts teachers, ESL teachers, language teachers, science teachers, math teachers, elementary teachers, middle school teachers, high school teachers, ALL teachers will be able to learn and develop strategies that pertain to their individual teaching situation.

Want even more details?  Here you go!

This course will run from July 25-29 at the Cashman Elementary School in Amesbury, MA.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the benefits of arts education and integration (including music, visual, storytelling, movement and dance, drama and poetry) by engaging in various artful activities and experiences and personal reflection.
  • Assemble a work to present and use for advocacy showing your understanding of what arts integration is and how to advocate for it.
  • Through numerous arts-based activities, experiences, and readings, understand the relationship between the creative and learning process.
  • Demonstrate your understanding of how to write an integrated lesson plan as you develop a working repertoire of arts-based lessons and activities.
  • By engaging in discussions both face to face and online, your will hone their understandings of and beliefs in the benefits of arts integration.

If you are interested or would like even more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me by commenting here or contacting us by using the button below.  You can also visit the NCSD website.  The registration information and forms are HERE. This course, “LEARNING THROUGH THE CREATIVE ARTS: A LOOK INTO THE CREATIVE PROCESS” is on page 11.

I hope you consider taking this course.  (Or if you are too far away, another arts integration course.)  The value of discovering and learning these wonderful teaching strategies is priceless, not only for your students, but for you!