The Wax Museum project is a ten year tradition in the fourth grade at the Cashman Elementary School.  In it, students choose and learn about a figure in history who has affected society in one way or another.  Through research, students answer questions, create a poster and write a speech in the first person highlighting the important facts and contributions their person has made.  Students work hard and look forward to completing this project, especially the performance.  Today, the Thursday before April vacation, our school transforms into a Wax Museum where all the fourth graders line the hallways to portray their figures.  Museum goers are welcome to walk the halls and press the buttons of those they wish to learn more about.  It is truly a highlight of our fourth grade year!

This year, I have asked my students to take it a step further and Blabberize themselves by finding an image of their person and reciting the one-minute speech they have prepared for the Wax Museum.  It has been a very fun extension of the project and many students have completed their Blabber.  Through the day, I hope to have all of them up and live for your viewing pleasure.

Here are a couple:

Beatrix Potter


It is a great experience trying new technologies alongside my students.  We learned together on this one.  There were only a few glitches along the way, but they are learning that they need to be patient and flexible with technology (and their teacher) especially when we are trying to get 25 students to do the same thing from the same account.  (Which, by the way works pretty well on Blabberize.)

My account name is mrsepeterson and you can find all of our Blabbers (most are completed) here:

I hope you enjoy!


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