Over the last two weeks or so, my students had been making paper cranes for Japan as part of a the Students Rebuild project.  Here is the article my students wrote about the project.

Have you heard about the disasters in Japan? Here in Amesbury, Massachusetts, the students at the Cashman Elementary School are working on making paper cranes to raise money to rebuild Japan in their time of need. For every crane, two dollars are being donated to Japan. We are sending our 159 cranes to the charity Students Rebuild in Washington State.  According to Japanese tradition, any person who makes 1000 paper cranes will be granted one wish.  Students were inspired by the book Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. The goal of Students Rebuild is to reach 100,000 cranes.  All the cranes that are sent in will also be put into a work of art to be displayed in a Museum.  A crane can make a difference and so can you!

By: Helena M, Paul J, Jeremy I and Jackson W

I was so proud that they were able to create so many cranes!  Cranes are not an easy task, but some students really caught on and a couple acted as traveling teachers to other classrooms.  It was an amazing experience!