Music and literacy go hand in hand.  This may not seem apparent at first, but when you dig deeply, it’s amazing how many connections the two really have.  There is the natural connection between things like music and poetry and you may quickly see the connection between music sound tracks and story lines or plots.  But don’t limit yourself!

There is a great potential for teachers to use the motivating power of music to help students not only work with literacy, but understand reading and writing concepts and strategies.

This month, March is both “Music in our Schools” and “Literacy” month.  I will be dedicating each post to the connections between music and literacy.  Let’s start!

I have a special treat for you today!  A teacher-friend of mine, Debbie Ambrose, emailed me a song she composed with her fourth grade students to promote literacy in their school.  March 2nd marks Dr. Suess’s (Theodor Geizel’s) 107th birthday, when schools across the nation celebrate “Read Across America” day.  At my school we have community members come in and read some of their favorite books and stories to our classes.  Your school may be doing something too!

Debbie has given me permission to share her song and lyrics so that you can share and use it with your students!
Read Across America mp3 Gr 4 on eliza_peterson’s Sound Cloud

Here are the lyrics you can share with your students and use to sing along!

I hope this gets you excited for this series!  It has been one I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time.  Please check back often for new posts (every T, Th and Sat) or sign up to get automatic emails each time a new post is published.  (Go near the top right of the site to sign up.)


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