I’m laughing at this title because it is in recent months that I have been eating vegan.  (It has been a wonderful thing for me.)  But, I must admit that cheese is a weakness and the one faithful cheating I have done is to eat a large plate of nachos with a girlfriend of mine at a local restaurant (The Old Salt) every so often.  Alas, I digress…

What this cheese really is about is the cheese in that book, Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson.

These two interseries reposts fit nicely into our “Getting Started with Arts Integration” series this month.

The first one, Cheese, Fear and Laughing at Yourself, is reminicent of the more recent post Face Your Fears of Arts Integration.

The second post about the Cheese book is Don’t Let Your Cheese Get Moldy.  Rereading it reminds me that I don’t want my teaching to get old and it is through arts integration that it can stay fresh, alive and engaging for my students.

So, please check out today’s highlighted posts and add your own comments about yummy cheese!  (Minus the mold! ;-))