Some people may be wondering… why the arts?  Why when we are so knee deep in preparing for standardized tests do we need the arts?  Why when we are being pushed into using more and more technology do we need the arts?  Why?  Because we do!  The arts mold our culture.  They extend who we are!  They build our brain and improve its function.  They are the essence of learning (unlike those tests) and now are intertwined with technology and media (which we harness).

And if we don’t start fighting for the arts now, our society will be in trouble.

We can be part of this “fight” by being proactive, by supporting our arts’ teachers and implementing the arts into all aspects of our teaching.  Arts integration coupled with a solid arts education is the best way to go.

This month, the blog series will be about Getting Started with Arts Integration.  It is in preparation for and to deepen the understanding of a presentation I will be doing this Saturday for #rscon11.  (My presentation Getting Started with Arts Integration is scheduled for 7:00 EST)

One of the key components of getting started with the arts is arts advocacy.  You need to know what you are talking about beyond, “The arts make people feel good,” or “The arts make you smarter.”

The arts are very complex in what they do for us.  It’s emotional, intellectual, physical and social; logical and abstract; right brain and left brain; methodical and impulsive All at once.

There is so much to say about the arts and what they do for us and we need to be equipped with the reasons to have the arts in our schools and embedded in our teaching.

I started a Wallwisher to house some of the great resources that are out there.  These resources come in the form of articles, blog posts, books, and videos.  Find the ones that speak to you and will help you to relay the important message of the power of the arts in education to your communities.  I ask you to add to this as well.

Here is the direct link to this Wallwisher:

I hope this provides you with some great reading and viewing!


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