There is a new Arts Integration ezine out by Susan Riley, our guest blogger this month. It will be published each quarter and this quarter the theme is 21st Century Skills.

Our Inspired Classroom readers can be among the first to get a free copy of this premier issue! Just email Susan with the special passcode “inspire” (made just for our readers!) and she will send you this issue of VIA for free!

And while you’re at it, check out the wonderful information she has posted for us this month about getting an arts integration program started at your school.
Make it Work (School-Wide Arts Integration)
Nuts, Bolts and…Paintbrushes? (School-Wide Arts Integration)
Party Hearty! (School-Wide Arts Integration)

Now, you may be wondering about the title. From Susan’s intro:

So….why the name VIA? The best simplified
definition I can find for arts integration is
“teaching the content areas through the arts”
and when you look up synonyms for the word
“through”, via is an accurate portrayal. We
use the arts as a lens for filtering content
knowledge via connections, via technology
highways and via teaching artists and
educators alike.”