Putting Arts Integration into Practice

Here are some great posts written by guest bloggers and myself about real life stories of arts integration in action!  Enjoy!

Arts 4 Learning – Putting Integration into Practice Toni Tabora-Roberts joins us writing about a program that integrates the arts into literacy called Arts for Learning.  Please read on to find out more about this program and learn about a lesson put into practice.

Making Connections Through the Arts Part I Enjoy this post by Michelle Baldwin, an amazing elementary music teacher who believes, “My job is to teach children to LEARN.”

and Part II This is the second guest post by @michelleK107 about “Making Connections Through the Arts”.  Here she walks you through a unit she does with her students to illustrate just how she puts theory into practice.

The National Anthem Project This post describes the wonderful school-wide project focused around the National Anthem.  It is a popular post.

Collaboration in Action – Music Listening Experiences Many of our readers are interested in actual lesson plans and ideas.  So, here you go!

Studio Days My students and I will take a day every 6 weeks and spend the entire time on one project – seeing it through from conception to product.  What a great lesson in the learning process!

Creating Experiences through the Arts This is a guest post I wrote for the Whole Child Blog on the ASCD website.  It describes how teachers can use both student-led as well as teacher-led experiences to build learning opportunities in the classroom.

The Artist-Teacher Partnership Joan Weber comes with a lot of experience in theater, the arts and in school reform through the arts.  Here she shares her experiences teaming teachers up with artists to make integration work!

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