Oh, how life has changed for me.

I’ve loved the computer since I can remember,
but never before has it done to me this.

I sit here daily,
moment to moment
Tweeting and typing
Reading and listening…

Because now the computer is more than a desktop;
It’s a coffee house,
a teacher’s lounge,
a place to meet friends and chat.

I learn every day
from those in my PLN.
They listen and link me.
They support and encourage.
They are awesome!

In the past I have written some pieces about them.
Go and read them if you will
I will link them here.

But regardless,
I tell you
They have changed how I live now
And there’s no turning back,
Just moving forward.

Thank you, oh, thank you my dear PLN.
My life has now changed.
It is even more fruitful,

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