Happy New Year!

And it’s more than just a change from 2010 to 2011.  January marks the rebirth of The Inspired Classroom!  Last January was a relaunching of the site and marking of my dedication to blogging through Blog Series.  Over the last year, I have posted faithfully every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday starting with the series on Norman Rockwell and including topics of “Freedom in Structure,” “Teacher Appreciation,” “Technology in the Classroom,” and of course “Arts Integration.”

As a blogger, you soon come to two realizations:

1. Your work is archived for all to view at any time. 🙂


2. Your work is only at the forefront of your site for a few days and potentially forgotten. 🙁

So, amidst this month’s series on “Getting Started with Arts Integration” in conjunction with my upcoming presentation for #rscon11, I will be reposting highlights from the past year on all the other days of the week (S,M,W,F).  I’m calling it an “interseries.” So, all those posts that got a lot of attention through tweets, retweets and comments, or posts that tend to work well together, providing for some insightful reading will have another chance to be seen on the front page of the site.

These posts will include many from some of the guest bloggers we have had over the year: teachers who have willingly contributed their experience and expertise.

And I encourage you to add your own thoughts, questions and experiences by commenting on these posts and keeping the conversations alive!

So, let’s get started!

Here’s a post called GUTS AND LOVE. It had been viewed and retweeted many times since is publication in July.  It shares a great story about a teacher who truly loves his students, so much so that he has the guts to really do what is right for them.  Enjoy!