21c Skills

Call them “high-concept, high-touch senses” (Daniel Pink), “Survival Skills” (Tony Wagner), “Habits of Mind” (Ellen Winner and Lois Hetland), or “Habitudes” (Angela Maiers), these 21 Century Skills are imperative to our children’s future success.  Back in February of 2010, our blog series was focused on Education in a New Era.  Here are some highlights from the series.

How Arts are Connected to 21c. Skills

Skills Our Students Need

Workforce Preparedness

Virtual Professional Learning Networks

Guest Posted by pam.libarian

Education Yesterday and Today

ebooks, textbooks, whiteboards, and chalk

Guest Posted by pam.libarian

IMPORTANT:  A new ezine is out this month focusing on Arts Integration, “VIA.”  This quarter the theme is on 21st Century Skills.  Be the first to get your eyes on it!  Simply email Susan Riley (this month’s guest blogger) with the special passcode “inspire” (made just for our readers!) and she will send you this premiere issue for free!  Susan’s email: sriley81@hotmail.com

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  1. Hi Eliza! I found you through Angela Maiers’ site, and I am so happy to see another blog that focuses on the arts and education. I see so many parallels to my own work in art education, to what you are teaching with music ed. Keep up the great work and I look forward to following you!

  2. Jessica! I love your blog and am so glad we have connected. I am looking forward to following you as well.

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