Today, I am sharing a guest post I wrote for the Imagine Learning website.  Here is the first paragraph.  To read the whole article and access the live playlist, please click the title’s link. ~EMP

Our students come to us with many interests and talents. Music is one of them. Whether it’s Beethoven, the Beatles, Bon Jovi or (Justin) Bieber, tapping into their love of listening to music can help students become better readers. The two disciplines are innately very similar, and teachers and parents can take advantage of these similarities to help struggling readers become motivated learners.

To read the whole post, please click this link:  Using Music to Help Struggling Readers.


**NEW NOTE MADE 8/27/2022

Well, it seems The Inspired Classroom has outlived many other websites over the years.  So, here I am 12 years later, correcting broken links and realizing that you really need to archive your own work and not rely on linking to other websites that contain your work.  (There’s a lesson there for some of you too!)  If I find this article in buried in my computer, I will update someday.

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