#ntchat (New Teacher Chat) is a great Twitter chat for new teachers and veteran’s alike.  I love attending these forums where all kinds of teachers share great resources and ideas.  Last night’s topic was How can we support new teachers to make Global Connections? and it did not disappoint.

Connecting globally is a reality for our classrooms now.  With the numerous online tools including Skype, Twitter and blogging platforms, teachers and students can literally connect with others across the world.  What a fantastic thing!

Last night, the #ntchat founder and moderator, Lisa Dabbs (@teachingwthsoul), led the discussion for teachers to think about and share ways to do just that.  I encourage you to look at these great ideas put forth by all the teachers who attended the chat on this Wallwisher:

To see an archive of the chat, including everyone’s tweet and all the links that were shared, go here.

In what ways do you connect globally?