This month, our focus at The Inspired Classroom will be on technology in the classroom.  Technology is a vital part of our world.  We use it in our homes, in the work place and in our schools.  But in order for us to use technology properly, we need to understand it and the opportunities it can create in our classrooms.  Kids love to learn through technology, it is a natural mix.  And with the need to close the global achievement gap, the use of tech in our teaching seems to be not only a hot topic, but a necessity.

Of course we realize that there are challenges: budget, lack of equipment and/or training, time and space.  We will be addressing those issues too.  So, join us this month for some great view points, ideas and practical uses for technology in your teaching.

And if you’re wondering why a website that is so very much devoted to Arts Integration is going to focus on technology, consider all the possibilities for arts education and integration through technology.  Our computers, our mp3 players, our digital cameras are all tools for artists and recievers of art.  There is quite the multitude and variety of media out there that is waiting to be utilized in our classrooms.  In order for we teachers to teach our students through technology, we must first learn to harness the power and the possibilities of technology.

We have some great guest bloggers who have a lot of experience and expertise in technology integration into teaching.  Please scroll our homepage as we have released the names and bios of four of our guest bloggers for the series.


Is there something in particular you would like us to address or talk about?  Let us know!

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