Melissa Edwards is back to tell us about LiveBinders.  What’s more is she has provided a list of binders to use!  Thanks Melissa!  Be sure to follow her on Twitter @mwedwards.  She is a great resource for your PLN! ~EMP

When I was a classroom teacher, I had a 3 ring binder for EVERYTHING! I had one for each subject. I had ones for certain projects. I had ones for workshop materials. Needless to say, I had lots of binders (and not much room to store them). Now I have all kinds of digital content and unless I print out all those pages, there is no way for me to put that inforamtion in a 3 ring binder (which messes up my organization system).

LiveBinders has fixed that problem for me!

Think of Livebinders as a virtual 3 ring binder that you can put pretty much anything in. Webpage, PDF, image, video, text:  they all can go into a page organized for you. Each item can be on it’s own tab or you can further organize by using sub-tabs. You can even put LiveBinders inside LiveBinders inside LiveBinders!!

On the LiveBinders site, you can find lots of great binders others have created. You can copy those binders and place them on your shelf too. The Featured Binders area is a great place to look. While there are many binders related to technology topics and Web 2.0 tools, I think some of the best ones are related to instruction and full of resources!

Here is a collection of LiveBinders that I have found very useful. (Some are created by me, but most are not):