For the past couple of months, I have had the great opportunity to collaborate with some amazing people in my PLN (personal learning network).  People a few blocks away to ones 3000 miles away – it doesn’t matter.  When someone is in your PLN, you become connected by an interest, no, a passion and great collaboration can come about.  This is something I would not have thought possible a year ago.  Yet, it is, thanks to social media and specifically Twitter.

This series on Arts Integration has been full of experience and expertise due to the fact that I have had so many guest bloggers from across the country who are devoted to quality education and believe in the power of the arts.  Check out the line up of guest bloggers who have posted here.

A few days ago, I worked with some amazing people on a proposal for an upcoming #ISTE (International Society of Technology in Education) conference in PA.  I (@Eliza_Peterson in New Hampshire) Skyped with @MichelleK107 (in Nebraska), @KylePace (in Missouri), and @Doremigirl (in Pennsylvania) while simultaneously working (typing) on our proposal in Google Docs.  Our presentation is on music and tech integration and we are now awaiting the acceptance of our submission. (Cross your fingers!)

Another great connection was made with @band_techie.  He approached me about being part of his presentation at the National Middle School Conference in Baltimore.  He, a middle school music teacher, invited me, a former music teacher and now fourth grade classroom teacher to present on the topic of music integration and . . . collaboration.

I am amazed at how much I am now collaborating with teachers not just down the hall from me at my school, but across the country.  Being able to do this is enriching my own teaching and my life!  Not only am I constantly learning new things: methods, strategies, activities, philosophies, but I am also building relationships.

Collaboration alone is powerful due to the fact that when you collaborate, you are taking advantage of people’s experience and talents.  The collaborative power of a PLN seems unstoppable!  The depth of experience is immeasurable.

It is my hope to continue to reach out to the wide range of talented people in my PLN to integrate new ideas and methodologies into my teaching and share that with you through this blog!

Do you have a PLN online or offline?  How does this help you as a teacher (and as a human being)?