For the past two months, our posts at The Inspired Classroom have been about arts educuation and integration.  It has been a wonderful journey taken with many guest bloggers and readers that have commented and tweeted our posts.   Because of the great body of content we have collected, I would like to take this post to highlight the ones that have generated the most traffic through viewing, commenting and re-tweeting.  I hope you enjoy this collection!

First, a shout out to the amazing educators who contributed to the series.  We had a range of professionals coming from across the country but united by their trust in the power of arts in learning.  Our guest bloggers were Michell Baldwin, Rachel Evans, Cindy Marie Jenkins, Toni Tabora-Roberts, Dr.  Richard Selznick, and Joan Weber.  Please take a moment and view their bios here.

And now for the highlights!  The following posts have been sorted into categories.  Please bookmark this page to help you maneuver through the series.  Not all of the posts are included here, though.  For a complete list of posts specifically on Arts Integration, click the integration tag.  You may also want to click on other tags for concepts in which you are interested.

On Getting Started with Arts Integration:

What is True Arts Integration?

The Arts are Not Quick

Learning With, Through and About the Arts

On Collaboration:

The Artist-Teacher Partnership

Collaborate to Integrate

Ideas to Use:

Putting Integration into Practice

Making Connections Through the Arts Part I and Part II

The National Anthem Project

Collaboration in Action – Music

Studio Days

On Assessment:

No Free Rides: Assessment in the Arts


This may be the last day of our specified series, but arts integration is always our focus here.  So, be sure to check back with us for what we hope will be inspiring posts for years to come!

We encourage you to look at these posts and add your own thoughts and ideas.  Our goal for this blog is to make it a conversation and your voice is really what matters!  This blog is for YOU!  Please add to it.


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