The other night, during the #artsed chat led by Joan Weber (@creativityassoc), she tweeted:

You have 5 words. Why is #artsed important for children to have in schools? Can you narrow to 5 words?

A few people in our wonderful (and powerful) PLN replied.  Here are some of their tweets (including mine):

RT @elephantsgerald: Complex, open-ended solutions start here.

RT @markbrumley Top of Bloom’s Taxonomy…Creating! That’s 5 words!

RT @eliza_peterson: Opening minds and strengthening skills.

RT @mlaffs Enrichment, expansion, exploration, connections and *test scores* (counts as 1!)

RT @elephantsgerald: Creation: the summit of learning.

RT @cybraryman1 Improves motivation concentration, confidence, & teamwork

Synthesizing and Summarizing – another important skill learned through artsed – is shown here as we put our own interpretation on the benefits of arts education (and of course I add integration.)  And yet, it is all good, it is all uplifting, and it is all for the betterment of growing and learning.

I would love to continue this list of 5 words here.  So please, answer Joan’s petition to put into 5 words why arts education (and integration) is important for children to have in school.

What are your 5 words?