Tweet Usually when there is talk about the importance of play, it is usually focused on children who are preschool or kindergarten age.  There are countless studies about how playing dress up or grocery store helps children’s social, physical, language and cognitive growth.   Play is used to help assess children’s development and help them to […]

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Arts 4 Learning – Putting Integration into Practice

Tweet Yet again, I am happy to invite another wonderful guest blogger.  Today, Toni Tabora-Roberts joins us writing about a program that integrates the arts into literacy called Arts for Learning.  Please read on to find out more about this program and learn about a lesson put into practice.  ~EMP As one of the leading […]

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What is True Arts Integration?

Tweet When I hear that teachers are integrating the arts into their teaching, I am excited for them and their students. What a wonderful opportunity they have to learn the required curriculum AND learn more about an art form. However, this is not always the case. I must warn you now that I’m going to […]

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No Free Rides: Assessment in the Arts

Tweet Rachel Evans, today’s guest blogger, is a passionate artist and teacher.  Her post will prove this.  When it comes to the arts, Rachel knows students need to be held accountable.  Read on for some great insights into arts assessment as well as assessment ideas.  Be sure to follow Rachel on Twitter. ~EMP It’s no […]

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The Artist-Teacher Partnership

Tweet I am happy to welcome Joan Weber for this guest post.  Joan comes with a lot of experience in theater, the arts and in school reform through the arts.  Here she shares her experiences teaming teachers up with artists to make integration work!  Check out Joan’s website and follow her on Twitter. ~EMP In […]

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Making Connections Through the Arts (Part II) – Ideas

Tweet This is the second guest post by @michelleK107 about “Making Connections Through the Arts”.  Here she walks you through a unit she does with her students to illustrate just how she puts theory into practice.  You will surely be inspired by what she does and the ideas she gives!  Please be sure to check […]

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Studio Days

Tweet It is quite an honor to host the featured edBlog of the week this week!  Thank you to all who voted for the Inspired Classroom. Enjoy your time on the website and blog!  EMP Last year I tried a new idea with my fourth graders – Studio Day and it was a hit!  Please, […]

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Making Connections Through the Arts

Tweet Enjoy this post by Michelle Baldwin, an amazing elementary music teacher who believes, “My job is to teach children to LEARN.”  Please be sure to check out her blog and follow her on Twitter (@MichelleK107) ~EMP When I was asked to write a guest post about arts integration/education, my first reaction was to feel […]

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This is TOO Cool!

Tweet This is too cool… and deserving of a short post on my blog. This blog just got nominated for @MrPlough07‘s Teaching the Arts in School theme this week in #edBLOG. Fro more info, please check out his post about it: The Next Step I am so honored and excited by this. PLEASE VOTE!

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