Last night I had the honor of guest moderating #ntchat (New Teacher Chat) with Lisa Dabbs (@teachingwthsoul). It was so much fun! What a great way to end my summer and it also have me a chance to refocus myself on the importance of arts integration! (Which is the blog series topic for next month.)

While chatting, I was sharing ideas with some great teachers – both new and veteran, for how to start the school year with a sense of creativity, so that students know you are accepting of all their talents and interests, want to help them cultivate them and learn from them.  The range was from theory to practical applications.

Here are some highlights I am pondering for my teaching:

  • Listen to music together.
  • Have students walk in to their classroom where on their desk is a blank sheet of paper (like when in restaurants the tablecloths are paper and there is a bucket of crayons.)
  • Use the arts to create community.
  • Use music and art to teach history.
  • Bringing drama and movement into my classroom more.

So as you transition into this new school year, keep the arts in mind. Be sure to check out our resources and especially my new FREE ebook: Integrating the Works of Norman Rockwell into Reading Instruction. (Find this under the Books tab.)

Also, please check out the archive of our chat from last night! #ntchat Aug 25, 2010 “Arts Integration”