How excited I was when yesterday I saw a wonderful post by Shelley Krause @butwait about my book, Inspired by Listening: Teaching Your Curriculum While Actively Listening to Music.  This book is where is all started years ago when I decided to make music part of my life forever.  I took the lyrics by Led Zepplin seriously, “Let the music be your master.  Will you heed the master’s call?”  I said YES!  And even if I knew I would never one day be a magnificent musician, I knew music would always play a role in my life – including teaching.

As a classroom teacher (and formerly a middle school music teacher) I have prided myself in bringing music into the lives of all my students through listening experiences.  All the theory I developed and activities I implemented culminated in my book.

And since then… workshops, a newsletter, a website, a blog and other books coming in the near future.   Amazing!

I’m so grateful for that lovely book review posted on Shelley’s website and would love to have you read it…  CLICK HERE to read the post.


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