Guest Blogger – Rachel Evans

Tweet Rachel Evans is Assistant Professor in the Department of Theatre at NJ’s Kean University, where she teaches theatre education courses, mentors pre-service theatre teachers, and directs theatre for young audiences.  Currently, Rachel is VP/President-Elect of the Board of the Educational Theatre Association, for whom she regularly presents at conferences and state Thespian festivals.  She […]

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Guest Blogger – Michelle Baldwin

Tweet Michelle Baldwin is a learner, an educator, a self-proclaimed “techie,” presenter, and an advocate for teaching and learning WITH students! Michelle returned to the classroom in 2010, after coordinating technology professional/staff development for eight years in a suburban school district. Although she continues to  assist teachers in the effective use of technology in the […]

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Guest Blogger – Cindy Marie Jenkins

Tweet CINDY MARIE JENKINS is a Storyteller & Coach based in Los Angeles. Her stories take the form of fiction, poetry, teaching, theatre, editorials, PR and marketing, advocacy, plays….Cindy now explores interactive guerrilla/street theatre to engage and activate her community and dreams of art integration in education. Previous community art installations/interactions have been shown at […]

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Arts Integration Series About to Begin

Tweet We at The Inspired Classroom are very excited to announce that the Arts Integration blog series is about to begin! This topic has always been the true focus of The Inspired Classroom and we have so much experience and expertise to share with you over the next two months through our team of guest […]

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Slacker Post

Tweet So here’s a new concept in a blog post from an educator.  I have so much to do and prepare for the coming school year, that I just need to do it!  So, I’m giving myself permission to write a slacker post this Saturday so that I can go prepare for my students.  I […]

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Arts Integration Chat

Tweet Last night I had the honor of guest moderating #ntchat (New Teacher Chat) with Lisa Dabbs (@teachingwthsoul). It was so much fun! What a great way to end my summer and it also have me a chance to refocus myself on the importance of arts integration! (Which is the blog series topic for next […]

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Learning in the RAW

Tweet In these last few weeks of summer, I have been taking my two kids (4-year-old boy and 3-year-old girl) to Music Together, a music program for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.  This is one of those great luxuries a teacher-parent has: to enjoy a family class such as this during the day in the summer.  […]

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A Review for ME!

Tweet How excited I was when yesterday I saw a wonderful post by Shelley Krause @butwait about my book, Inspired by Listening: Teaching Your Curriculum While Actively Listening to Music.  This book is where is all started years ago when I decided to make music part of my life forever.  I took the lyrics by […]

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Square Peg, Round Hole

Tweet You’ve heard this saying before, right?  “You can’t fit a square peg into a round hole.”  In other words, if something doesn’t fit right, don’t force it!  Yet that’s what we do too often in education.  Yikes! I’ve been reading The Shut Down Learner by Richard Selznick (Sentient Publications, 2009) and I am fascinated […]

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