Recently, I taught two workshops using the open source audio editing software, Audacity through the Somersworth, NH School District. @brophycat (AKA Cathy Brophy, a good friend and colleague) invited me to share my knowledge of the software with preK-12 teachers and make it practical for their teaching. I was excited to do so!

The first thing I did was come up with my very first Glog to be used as a virtual handout. (Making a Glog was really a fun process and an online application I will use with my students this year!) Here it is:

In the workshop, we recorded, manipulate and mixed sounds. For an activity, participants uploaded music from, actively listened to it, came up with a story and started to record a voice over track.

We also had fun using one participant’s singing skills! Lorraine sang Row, Row, Row Your Boat four times, laying down four tracks, creating a round all by herself. Way to go, Lorraine!

Here is the completed round:
Row Row with Audacity by eliza_peterson

Needless to say, there was a lot of work, play and learning packed into our short 2 1/2 hours together.  For more info about how to use Audacity in your teaching, please contact me.  I love discussing the possibilities with this program!