Sure, we all have a HUGE end-of-the-year TO DO list, but let’s step back for a moment and make a different list: a DID List. This is a list of all the things you DID, you accomplished, you made work.

Last week my principal made a list like this including all the things in the school she could think of that were worthy of praise. It was meant as a document to share the “good things” that happen in our school with the school committee. It became an annotated list nine pages long. She shared it with us as well.

Part of reflecting on the year that is nearly done is looking back on the things we have accomplished. For me it ranges from remembering an activity that worked well to finally putting a science binder together so that all the materials are at my fingertips for next year.  It’s the little things as well as larger accomplishments that should make a DID list.

Here are some more things on my DID LIST:

  • Did a paperless day
  • Did a studio day
  • Did more with our immigration unit (and it was effective learning too!)
  • Did provide more time for math games for my students and weaved them in more effectively into our math lessons
  • Did take more pictures of my kids working in school
  • Did file papers more readily
  • Did meet with students more to conference on their writing
  • Did organize an assembly in Sept. to celebrate the penning of our Star Spangled Banner
  • Did keep better track of my guided reading groups

You know, looking at this list does help me to see some of the good things that happened in my small open-concept room this year.

It’s also making me thing of the things I want to improve upon (or remember) for next year. But that’s another post…

For now, I would love to hear from you!  What is something from your DID list?