Share, share, share (and take turns).  I find myself saying it to my students and my children all the time.  Maybe it’s time I take my own advice!

Share Your Stuff
As we clean out our rooms and spaces for the end of the school year, we come across so many things: lessons, materials, books…  Often I ask myself when faced with a poster I forgot about and lived without, “Do I really need to keep this??”

Last week I found this share your stuff site.  It was tweeted by @whatedsaid, a teacher in my Twitter PLN.  It is a page that the school set up to help teachers connect and share the stuff they no longer needed or stuff they were looking for.  This would be a great idea to implement in any school – displaying things you no longer need and are ready to pass on: either online or on the gym floor!

Share Student Work
Sharing what your students have accomplished is a great way to share lesson ideas with your colleagues.  This site shares the work of students who are steeped in 21 Century Learning.  You can come away with some great inspiration for things to try.

On this site, you can find a Flickr set of pictures that shares the work of students’ creations in class.  Classroom Examples

Share Yourself
A post that was tweeted earlier this month, is titled “Give of Yourself” and tells some things students have said are the best gifts teachers have given them.
I would like to take it a step further.  It’s wonderful to know that your gifts are apprecitate by your students, but isn’t it nice to know what you offer your school is appreciated too?  Sharing with your colleagues is very powerful and rewarding whether it be a conversation, an idea or your time.  You probably do it every day and if so, keep sharing yourself and your gifts!

Sharing is such a simple concept, but with our busy lifestyles and crazy end of the year, sometimes we forget.  My goal is to not forget and to keep sharing, just like I tell my kids to do!

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