The end of the school year is coming and what better way to start it than to create a to do list?  Ok, maybe that’s not the best way, but it’s one way that I start the beginning of June and therefore the end of the year. And let me tell you it is quite a list!

I’m sure there are other teachers who have a to do list. One that is filled with paperwork, check sheets, student record sheets, report cards, field trips, lessons that need to be taught, vocab that better be in the kids’ heads before they leave, meetings, questionnaires, yearbook-type projects, Father’s Day gifts, parties, report card comments, phone calls, filing, going through piles, cleaning desks, collecting books, discussions with next years’ teachers, inputting data, reflection sheets, Form Cs, boxing up materials, covering bookcases…

What did I miss?? I’m sure I missed a LOT. I would love to hear from you. What else is on this GRAND teacher end-of-the-year-to-do-list?

Let’s see just how big we can get it!

Happy Teachers, Happy Kids
The DID List