I know it – we all strive to do it – to touch students’ lives: push them, challenge them, teach them, inspire them! We do great stuff.

But how often do we have the chance to share our stories: the things we do innately? We teachers will often feel under appreciated, but we also need to be our own advocates.

So, this month, May, also known as the month that houses Teacher Appreciation week, is simply all about us: our stories, our work and our talents in and out of the classroom.

I will do my best to publicize things I see everyday in my teaching situation, but I am only one person. Please add to our blog this month by submitting comments and share the things you see each day.

Aside from commenting on the posts (please do!), there will be assignments to complete throughout the month. It will be well worth it to check in on our publishing days to see what is next… (We publish Tues, Thurs and Sat)

First Assignment: Go to “In Appreciation of Teachers” Google doc and add a short blurb about a teacher who is or has been inspiring (to you, to your children, to other teachers).
DUE: Immediately!

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