Sure, Teacher Appreciation is really only a week and let’s face it, generally is only celebrated one day, but we are giving props to teachers all month this month.  Here are two nice ways to do just that: for yourself and for another!  Read on!

ebook for you

Richard Lakin of has done a wonderful thing!  He has made an ecopy of a book he has written for teachers.  The book is titled, Teaching as an Act of Love.  To download a copy of this book as a .pdf, follow this link:  Get your free Ebook!

Thank you, Richard!!

ecard for someone else

It’s the end of the month, but there is still time to thank that special teacher.  Here is a link to some thank you cards you can use for free!  They are not specific to teaching, but the ones noted below can surely be used and personalized to fit your purpose.  I’ve made an annotated list of some of the cards on this page.

The dog card message is, “I wonder…are you always this wonderful? Thanks.”

The pink one is not that great for teacher appreciation.

Thank you with candy is good, colorful, lively.

Sunflower card is just a postcard, so it works.

The drawn flowers message is a little awkward.

Brown calligraphy is simple and appropriate if you want to go classy.

The bears are cute, but they are in past tense…

The mouse one is good from a student, “from little me.”

Multilanguage ones are good.  The one showing the Mariachi band is lively and the blue one under it is subtle.

Thanks at the bottom of a pink heart is sweet, “Thanks from the bottom of my heart.”

Fifth Assignment:

Download the ebook for YOU!.  Send some teacher you know an ecard.  The thoughtfulness of this will be so very much appreciated!

DUE: Before the end of May!

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