Teachers touch our lives! I bet you can think of one who made a difference in your life. Maybe they thought there was something great in you, gave you confidence in a talent you have or were just so cool, that you wanted to be just like him or her.

For this post, I wanted to share with you something super special that has been a part of The Inspired Classroom since 2010! Over the years, I have invited people to add stories about teachers that have made an impact on their lives. So many of them are stories of teachers who have touched the lives of their students, changed them, helped them grow, even inspired another to become a teacher.

There are some wonderful stories paying tribute to remarkable teachers.  Please take a moment to read through them below.

Then, get inspired from the great stories that you have read and share a story of your own! Please leave your comment below the blog post. We can’t wait to read your beautiful tributes to teachers who have made a difference in your life!


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