Teachers touch our lives! I bet you can think of one who made a difference in your life. Maybe they thought there was something great in you, gave you confidence in a talent you have or were just so cool, that you wanted to be just like him or her.

For this post, I invite you to read some of the great stories people have been adding to our Google Document “In Appreciation of Teachers”. So many of them are stories of teachers who have touched the lives of their students, changed them, helped them grow, even inspired another to become a teacher.

So here’s your assignment for this post, complete with Extra Credit!

Second Assignment:

Read through “In Appreciation of Teachers” Google doc and add a short blurb about a teacher who inspired you to do what you do.

DUE: Immediately-before time gets away from you!

Extra Credit: Go to My Teacher, My Hero’s site and make a VIDEO tribute to a teacher who has touched your life! “Watch leaders in business, sports, politics, and entertainment tell stories of the teachers who changed their lives. Then share yours!

Touching Students' Lives
Teacher Appreciation Week Celebrations