I cruised down the road for my morning commute to school.
It was Friday,
no kids in the car,
sun was out,
radio was on
and then the beat started to pound,
Lady Gaga’s Just Dance started.

Volume turned up,
hips started to move,
head bobbed
and fingers tapped.

“I need to get out tonight
and DANCE!”
But wasn’t sure how,
never mind…
must listen and groove right now.

My mind wandered,
I visualized myself on the dance floor.
Who’s with me??
Teachers on the mind
(going to school after all…)
We jam,
and groove.

That’s it!
that’s when it came to me
WE needed to get out and dance
Yes, WE teachers!

That’s part of getting inspired
for ourselves
for our students…

That’s what we need
Our OWN Field Trips!

Click play to view pictures from our field trips!

Some may laugh at the idea, but not teachers. We need this and it’s great! A chance for us to get out, connect and get inspired.

The Inspired Classroom has had four Teacher Field Trips so far. The first was to go out dancing. Next we visited the Isabella Gardner Museum in Boston, Massachusetts. Our third field trip was to a poetry Beat Night in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and finally this week we painted pottery at Firefly Pottery studios.

Our mission is to reach out to the teachers and help them to become and remain inspired in what they do for our children. We have done so through this website, at workshops and conferences, PLaiC and now these field trips. The teachers love it. For each field trip, they experience something new, connect with other teachers who are interested in expanding their horizons and even get a party favor.  Beth Cavalier, my good friend and colleague has been instrumental in helping to bring these field trips together…thanks Beth!

Personally, I have enjoyed each one. I have learned new things, been able to connect with like minded teachers and grown as a professional.  I look forward to continuing these field trips through the summer and for the years to come.

Arts Teachers
Guest Blogger Yoon Soo Lim

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