I love Teacher Appreciation Week at my school. We are very fortunate to work in a place where parents value what we do. Not only do we receive gifts for our classrooms, but we get a wonderful luncheon – my favorite! Any day I don’t have to think about packing a lunch is a great day! Not to mention we get so much great food (Yum!!!) and it’s presented in such a nice way with decorations and ambiance that we really do feel special in our cluttered teachers’ lunch room.

So, what does your school do for your teachers?

Need some ideas? Visit this great website from @thanks2teachers which gives many resources and ideas to thank a teacher! thanks2teachers.com

And if you’re worried that Teacher Appreciation week is almost over, don’t worry, we are happy to celebrate it all month!

Third Assignment:
Leave a comment: What does your school do for teacher appreciation? Come on, make us jealous! (or make us want to send you some flowers…)
Due: (You guessed it!) Immediately

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