Susan Gaboriau fourth grade teacher at Ochwilla Elementary School in Hawthorne, Florida.

I started teaching 5 years ago teaching third grade for one year, then moving to first grade for three years. Now this is my first year teaching fourth grade.

After graduating high school I received a degree in Computer Graphics/Graphic Design. I married and worked at a television station creating graphics for news boxes and commercials. We then had our first child and decided that we did not want to put our children in daycare so I started freelancing so I could stay home and raise our children.

When our first child started school, I volunteered a lot. We then had our second child and when he started school I decided to take a few more classes to get my teaching certification. I then went on to get my masters in Educational Media Design and Technology. During that time we had our baby girl.

I have been married for 23 years and have three beautiful children, 2 sons: one 18, one 12 and a beautiful three year old daughter. I love teaching and love learning. I think my children teach me as much as I teach them.