Teacher Field Trips

Tweet I cruised down the road for my morning commute to school. It was Friday, no kids in the car, sun was out, radio was on and then the beat started to pound, Lady Gaga’s Just Dance started. YES! Volume turned up, hips started to move, head bobbed and fingers tapped. “I need to get […]

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Happy Teachers, Happy Kids

Tweet The title says it all here.  The question then becomes, “How do you make teachers happy?” Happy Teachers are Driven Teachers I would like to take some time to refer to Daniel Pink, a motivational speaker in the business world.  He is an author, consultant and speaker who speaks mostly of business related issues, […]

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Arts Teachers

Tweet Arts teachers, specialists, enrichment instructors, whatever title they carry, these teachers are invaluable to our education system.  They teach our children skills in creativity, culture and life. All too often they are the unsung heroes of the education world and unfortunately the first to get cut in a budget crisis, but their part of […]

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Thank a Teacher

Tweet Sure, Teacher Appreciation is really only a week and let’s face it, generally is only celebrated one day, but we are giving props to teachers all month this month.  Here are two nice ways to do just that: for yourself and for another!  Read on! ebook for you Richard Lakin of thanks2teachers.com has done […]

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PLaiC – Experience, Reflect, Apply

Tweet This past week, a group of teachers that work in my district got together for our monthly (3 months strong!) PLaiC meeting.  This is a PLC (Professional Learning Community) session that centers around Arts Integration.  The format for this session was different than that in the past and I believe it was very effective.  […]

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What Teachers DO When They are NOT with Students

Tweet It can be quite a discussion when negotiations come around.  How much “prep” time do we allow teachers to have?  How much “free” time should they get a week?  How much time away from students do they really need each day? Regardless of how much time we teachers have during the school day, it […]

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Teacher Talents

Tweet I teach with some very talented people. Take the other teachers on my fourth grade team: one is a great artist, one is a pianist and singer and the other wows me at every staff meeting as she sketches boarders around her notes. And I think to myself, do their students know this about […]

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PLCs and PLNs – Go Us!

Tweet Over the past few months, I have become involved in two very powerful teaching communities: a PLC and a PLN.  Both of these collaborative groups have changed my teaching in very positive ways, mostly because the premise behind each of them is to gain knowledge through other professional educators, AKA – US! The PLC […]

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The Payoff

Tweet “A hundred years from now it will not matter what kind of house I lived in, how much money I had, nor what my clothes were like. But the world may be a little better because I was important in the life of a child,” by Forest E. Witcraft is a quote that most […]

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