Freedom in structure is something we can give our students, our children, ourselves and others. It is laying the foundation and allowing for creativity.

As a parent, I know that I’m supposed to set the ground rules for my kids, that children NEED structure, WANT structure. (That’s what all the books and online articles say.) But I know that the structure I give them does not stifle them, instead it gives them the boundaries they need in order to explore.

So is true for our students at school and I’m not just talking about the school or classroom rules, I’m talking about how we teach: the lessons and activities we do with our students as well as our philosophy in teaching.

This month, I will explore they ways in which I do this, where I fall short and how it benefits me as a teacher and my students as learners.

  • What activities do I do to practice this skill?
  • Is it beneficial or practical in today’s society?
  • What foundations do I lay down for my students?
  • What foundations are there for me?
  • Is there too much structure for my students? For me? Too little?

I’m excited to begin this series and ask you to participate by adding comments, ideas, activities or submitting your own blog or article.