Just watched the educators’ panel on #140conf. It was GREAT! Just the 30 min I was able to catch was inspiring to say the least. Lit a fire in this teacher and parent.

I started watching when a group of 8th graders were singing their own lyrics to a Lady GaGa song about the book Animal Farm. The response from the audience both in person and through Twitter was amazing. The “public” loved that these kids were responding to literature through song, dance and personification.

So, my thoughts? I know these things go on in our classrooms. My concern lately has been in public perception of teachers and education. It seems that much of our country is doubting of our systems and approaches, yet we do GREAT things.

Can we improve? Of course! There is reform in the air. (There HAS to be.) But I firmly believe it has to start with US – the teachers, the educators who know how to inspire our students. Maybe we are stressed out about the test (I know I can be) about merit pay, about losing our jobs (WOAH FL and RI!) but we can’t lose sight of what we were meant to do – our passion – teaching and inspiring students to become lovers of learning!

We need our voices to be heard. What I ask of you is: How do we make that happen??? Ideas? PLEASE comment and continue this discussion!

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