This month we celebrate POETRY and JAZZ. Here is an activity I would like to share with you that you can use immediately with your students to celebrate jazz, poetry and promote freedom in structure!

DADA poetry was first written by artists and poets in Paris France. They clipped words from newspapers, scrambled them and then arranged them in lines to form nonsense poems.

Activity to celebrate POETRY and JAZZ:
• Write the lyrics to a jazz tune on small pieces of paper.
• Put the pieces in a pile and pick out 14 words.
• Arrange the words on a piece of paper until you like the way they look and sound.
• Add words in, if need be to make your final poem!

Check this out! We have already done the first step for you! Follow these links and you will be able to print out a copy of a jazz tune that has been written out, ready to be copied, cut and used with your students.

April Showers
Basin Street Blues

(So sorry… the links are currently broken.  Please contact us using the form at the bottom right and we’ll send a copy directly to you!)

Enjoy and check in later to share how the activity went in your classroom. Share a poem or two too!

Erosion Blues
Drum Circle