The Relationship Between Structure and Freedom

Tweet This month our focus has been on Freedom in Structure and I have enjoyed working with it in my class, reflecting on it, reading about it and blogging about it. This is definitely a topic that will reoccur here at The Inspired Classroom site and magazine. In my first post on the subject, I […]

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Teach Free and Thrive

Tweet We have all heard this… The what is in the standards … the how is up to you This is why I do what I do every day. I love the freedom in taking the standards I need to cover and making them my own, developing lessons and units that meet the needs of […]

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Freedom in Assessment

Tweet Assessment is where I am feeling the least free within the structure we have in our district. Our mandated reading and math assessments are so comprehensive and numerous that to create new, performance based assessments would be counterproductive to student learning. However, my teammates and I enjoying working within the science and social studies […]

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Freedom in Curriculum Development

Tweet Be a part of the decision making, planning and development process. That is the best way to feel free within the ever growing structure of local, state and even national curricula. I rarely feel constrained by my district’s curriculum. Mainly because we have so much to do that I don’t have time or energy […]

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Go Paperless – Write on Your Desk!

Tweet A few weeks ago, I pledged online through Twitter to “Go Paperless” for Earth Day. Soon after, I told my students about it and they were so excited! They immediately started to offer ideas and suggestions of how we could Go Paperless for an entire day. “We can work on the computers,” said one […]

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Reflections on #140conf

Tweet Just watched the educators’ panel on #140conf. It was GREAT! Just the 30 min I was able to catch was inspiring to say the least. Lit a fire in this teacher and parent. I started watching when a group of 8th graders were singing their own lyrics to a Lady GaGa song about the […]

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Freedom in Classroom Routines

Tweet I believe classrooms need structure to thrive. Just as our own children need and want structure, rules and boundaries, so do our students. Clear expectations and reliable routines give children the security and predictability to explore, make mistakes and succeed. Constructing and reconstructing routines to meet the needs of my students and management systems […]

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The 5 Paragraph Essay

Tweet There is quite an ongoing debate about the 5 paragraph essay. Is it a good thing to teach? Is it stifling young writers’ creativity? Does it teach real writing? As for me, I started out by loving the 5 paragraph essay: It was predictable, easy to use and so formulaic that I could write […]

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When You Can Make it Jazz

Tweet What is jazz? It is the ultimate freedom in structure. The goal for me in teaching is to teach as if I were playing jazz. But how? First by finding the structure, and allowing myself to be creative and free. Here is what I mean. Growing up, my piano teacher trained me classically and […]

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