The sense of community can be an essential piece to a successful classroom.  Nearly all teachers strive to create community in their classrooms in the first weeks of school and try to keep that feel throughout the year.  But how?

I’ve talked to many teachers about this topic and we all seem to agree that students not only need to feel like they belong to a community in their classrooms, but in their schools and in their town communities as well.  (Not to mention teachers need to feel a belonging  to a community.)  Community can be a very large topic and this month we will focus on ways we teachers create community within our own classrooms.  In months to come, we will look at other ways “community” plays a part in our profession.

Team building activities, ice breakers and other games are ways in which we can start to build community with our students.  But, other ways to build a trusting community is through shared experiences within your own curriculum.  The arts can play a large role in this too.  I can’t wait to blog about this topic and I encourage you to add comments, ideas and insights.

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