I am so excited about the new website I am building through WordPress.  YAY!  It’s almost ready to launch and the only thing that will hold it back a few days/weeks will be connecting it to our actual domain name of www.theinspiredclassroom.com.  If you want a sneaky peak, here is where the new website is right now:
I would love to hear what you think so far and if you have any suggestions for improvements.
After the initial getting used to WP, I have been enjoying, nay, becoming addicted to adding plugins and widgets to improve on the user-friendly-ness of the site.

Some great new features:

  • The BEST part is that it’s all on one site: information and resources as well as the blog/magazine and ability to create community.
  • Anyone can comment on posts without having to sign in.  I hope this will encourage people to write a comment and/or add to a discussion without feeling like they have to think of and use a new username/password.
  • You can click on a TAG to gain access to a topic of interest.
  • You can search the whole site by entering a key word or phrase.
  • I can set up users and authors to add content to the site.  SO – if you are interested in becoming a guest blogger, I can set you up to do that and you can post anything you would like!

I hope this new website is more conducive to your needs and our need to have a PLC online.
Please let me know if we can do anything to help you in the future with the wonderful teaching you do every day!


Guest Blogger - Pam Harland
March 2010 - Teacher Feature Blogger - Ayanna Gallant