In today’s educational system, teachers find themselves in need, especially if they want to integrate, collaborate and educate the WHOLE child!

Here is a list of some needs I hear about daily in schools and online.

  • Less stress from high stakes testing
  • Quality professional development in everything from new methodologies to brain research
  • Freedom to teach creatively
  • Autonomy over our teaching
  • Leadership roles in our schools
  • Leadership roles in our profession
  • TIME
  • Money
  • Support from administration
  • Support from our students’ families

We teachers know the value of arts education and integration, but are hindered as mandated curriculum, budget cuts, data driven teaching, meeting AYP and high stakes testing puts a damper on our creativity as educators.

Every profession has their own set of needs.  Teachers are no different except that their needs directly affect the children they teach.  If teachers’ needs are not addressed and soon, then education will be in danger of being sub-par.

(This topic alone could be its own series…maybe it will.)

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