The values are many, but the commitment these day seems so large – most importantly time away from areas in the curriculum which will be tested. I understand. I live this each day in my own classroom, but it is a calling to which we must find the courage – to infuse our students with art – all of it – in order to develop a society of well rounded, fully capable individuals and team players.

Let’s ponder for a moment the hidden curriculum found in arts and arts education:

Determination, value of practice, cooperation, communication, independent work, stick-to-itiveness, sense of self, pride, sense of community, culture

This is not a new platform – that of the hidden values of education, but one that does seem to be brushed aside. They get that from athletics, in school, at home. But in the arts the experiences are real too and cannot be substituted. They are their own experience and who are we to deny that from our children.