I’ll never forget sitting in my classroom with one of my principals (one of many…) and having a conversation along with two other music teachers about essential outcomes.  He then suggested that we clearly write these on the board for each of our classes as they come into the room so that they know what to expect during class.  “After all, we’re not here to trick kids!” he said jokingly.

But then as I was driving home that day, I thought, “What are we here to do?  We need to give our kids a balance.  A balance of rigor and creativity – creativity that is inspiring – that which balances the traditional methods of teaching… inspired creativity and traditional rigor…traditional rigor and inspired creativity…Traditional Rigor and Inspired Creativity…TRIC…we ARE here to TRIC kids!  HA!”  I thought, “You’re wrong!  We ARE here to TRIC kids!  With a balance of Traditional Rigor and Inspired Creativity!

When looking for a new job that year, I used that line in my cover letter.  It became a new way of thinking for me.  It is what I strive to do!  The kids need it and so do I.

We, as teachers need to provide for the drilling of basic knowledge and the discovery of possibilities.

And so, it is our job to T.R.I.C. kids!