The first thing you want to do in your classroom is to show your students and fellow teachers that music is important to you and that you value its presence in your classroom. To make this happen is very simple. Make a music center in your room. This is something that can be done quickly and is very effective. For example, if you simply make a small center sign and put a couple of music related materials in it, you have made a statement that you value music whether it be for complex content or exploration.

What can go into a music center? ANYTHING musical. Here are some ideas of thing you may have around your house, can borrow from a friend or music teacher or purchase, if you are so inclined:
~small musical instruments
~books about music
~story books that center around music
~staff paper and pencils
~keyboards (with headphones)
~tape recorder
~small radio
~musical toys (even baby or toddler toys work)

So – don’t hesitate! Kids love music and they will gravitate to a music center as a means to be creative and explore! For more on this topic, see the Music Integration Articles button on the left.

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